Workshops Fall 2022


Learn the art of casting foliage and flowers in plaster! Join me for Bas Relief Botanical Tiles with the Nature Printing Society on Sept. 24. We’ll be meeting over Zoom, price for 2.5 hours for non-members is $80 which includes a year’s membership and a free copy of the NPS awesome printing guide, “The Art […]

2022 Art Workshop Schedule

Here’s my upcoming teaching schedule with links and information. Sign-ups for my spring workshops at the Smithsonian, and summer workshops in Yosemite Valley are open. You can find the links on the right sidebar. Please contact me if you want to be on a mailing list for new workshop announcements and updates.  I usually teach 2 times […]

Audubon Naturalist Society Zoom talk


    Head outside to find your nature muse!    On Tuesday, June 8 at 7:00 pm I will show how the natural world, its colors, shapes, and scale influences all of my artwork. Become a close observer of nature by examining and printing leaves and fish and learn to meditate outdoors with family and […]