Into the Woods: It’s out!





•     APPLE BOOKS release date:   JUNE 10  •

Discover your family’s inner artist in the great outdoors!  Into the Woods includes  12+ chapters of family-friendly games and art activities designed to engage the senses and get your family in touch with nature at any season.

Looking for something to do outside with your kids?

From fish prints to outdoor meditation, Into the Woods makes it easy to go outside with your family and have fun, whether your kids are 5 or 15. You’ll try:

    • Printing with real fish and making a t-shirt in an afternoon
    • Relaxing and meditating with your kids as you silently sit on your porch or in a park
    • Becoming a citizen scientist and investigating nature’s patterns
    • Playing with contour drawing and color in a nature sketchbook
    • Building a stomping press and a walking press for printing leaves

Many of the simple and inexpensive activities are right for kids of all ages and include instructions on how to adapt each activity for age, the season, and the time available, so it is easy for families to discover the fun and peacefulness of being outdoors. Let STEM education turn into STEAM as you combine the science of close observation with the tactile fun of printing fish and leaves together.

Each chapter contains a complete materials list, clear step-by step instructions, and photographs of the process and finished work. The activities are open-ended, designed to be explored over and over, often with different results.

I hope you enjoy Into the Woods!  And thanks ahead of time if you have chance to write an online review.

Be well, stay safe.