Arts Integration

Arts integration = more learning for kids. I’ve found that most children remember and learn better when they study a subject through the lens of art. Middle school students, in particular, shine when they have a chance to express themselves through art.

Are your students studying the Chesapeake Bay? We can hand print its fish in the Japanese study of gyotaku, or fish printing. If your students are studying cycles, we could create a phenology sketchbook in which they draw and paint evidence of seasonal change. We can create masks for a theater unit, or design block prints for posters about utopia. I design art programs to fit into your classroom schedule, so kids learn what you need at the right time for the curriculum.

Though funding art integration is never easy, it’s possible through a combination of grants, PTSA donations, and individual support. I can work with you to find grant funding, and I received my training in arts integration though the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County, Maryland.

If you’d like to know more about these arts residencies, contact me at [email protected].

I welcome new ideas for collaboration, particularly in grades 5 through 8. Please contact me with yours.